Greeting Cards That Had Me at "Hello"

Greeting Cards That Had Me at "Hello"

Looking for unique cards?

Tired of standing in front of the overpoweringly generic card display at the store?

So was I. About two years ago I discovered greeting cards on Etsy! Gorgeous cards! Funny cards! Sweet cards! Cards for any occasion! I was stunned by the variety.

And I'd much rather search for the perfect card from the comfort of my home with coffee tumbler in hand and give my money to a local artist. 

A Paper Affaire is one of my favorite shops because Holly constantly adds new cards. Sometimes I visit her shop just to see what's new. She makes all of the cards herself with stamps and ribbons and other whimsical embellishments. 

Plus, she clearly cares about delivering quality service. Every time I've ordered with her, she places the cards in a cellophane wrapper to minimize movement inside the sturdier cardboard photo envelope. Nothing has ever gotten bent with her thorough packaging!

This geeky card grabbed my attention on my first visit to A Paper Affaire. The arrangement of the five beakers, the colors of the liquid on the black background, and the shiny "You + Me = LuV" stamp are all visually appealing to me. The inside is blank so it can be used for any "I love you" occasion. It costs $4.75.

Science Card

Holly's Halloween cards are more charming than spooky! Tiny ghosts, bats, and spiders adorn her selections. I really liked this card featuring a trick-or-treater line-up that makes me want to start handing out candy. This little card is just $4.00.


With Thanksgiving approaching, I thought I should grab a few cards to send out Turkey Day wishes to friends. I bought a few different sets of cards because Holly gives so many color choices. I grabbed these leafy cards knowing the Maple leaf card will go to some special people I know in Canada! This set of three cards is $8.50, which is less than $3 per card.

Turkey Day Cards

And so many other cards to choose from! Since Holly adds to her shop regularly, she has many seasonal choices for Thank You cards in addition to a variety of other Thank You card colors and designs. This set of three Thank You cards costs $6.75. 

Thank You Cards

One last thing that I appreciate about Holly's shop is her attention to organization. She consistently categorizes her cards. I love that I can click on "Get Well Cards" and see her entire selection without having to navigate through every page of her shop.

Sure, I may still look at everything while I'm browsing. I may also decide to wait on a purchase to think about other cards I may want, especially since I will be paying for shipping. When I decide to buy, it's truly convenient to click on the categories, and just find that card right away!

A Paper Affaire has over 1,300 reviews and maintains a five-star rating on Etsy. If you visit Holly's shop, you might want to check out her About page too. You can see her workspace, which I always think is cool. Plus, she has a picture of her dalmatian pups named Dee Dee and Dexter, who are adorable! 

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