Organize Projects and Collaborate with Pinterest

Organize Projects and Collaborate with Pinterest

Organize Projects and Collaborate with Pinterest ~

Pinterest is my favorite social media platform, by far! I love creating inspiration boards full of visual bookmarks where I define the description. Pinterest makes my life easier.

Sure, I got sucked into hours and hours of creation when I first joined, but now I spend as much or as little time on Pinterest as I want each day.

One of the aspects of Pinterest that I truly appreciate is that I can take pretty much any content on the internet and add it to a board so that I may refer to that content again. These visual bookmarks are more appealing to me than actually having a bookmark list that I have to scroll down and try to remember what favicon I'm really searching for. Good pins have a nice tall image, easy to spot! And then as the pinner, I can alter the descriptive text to whatever helps me.

Boards are easy to add and delete. Pinterest has added a Move Pins option as well. This feature made it easy for me to grab all of my geeky t-shirt pins from my "Geeking Out" board and place them on their own board called "Geek T-shirts to Love."

It would be nice if boards could be nested, but until that happens, at least moving pins in batches is convenient.

Secret boards are available too. Don't want the world to see your bucket list? Make it a secret board.

You can invite other pinners to collaborate with you on boards. My sister and I share a few boards so that together we can gather ideas for parties and gifts. But larger group boards are cool too since they expose you to even more pinners with quality content. Secret boards can be collaborative as well.

If someone is following you, then you can send that person pins, a board, or even another pinner's account information with a message stating why you think this content is useful. I love it when my friends send me pins that I may not have seen on my own!

And finally...I don't block pinners often, but if I see someone with content I perceive as spammy or offensive, then I do block them. I don't see the need to comment negatively on someone else's pin. And since Pinterest offers me the option of blocking pinners who I don't care to interact with, I'll take them up on that very kind solution.

Not sure what to pin? Anything!

  1. recipes
  2. cooking tips
  3. nutrition information
  4. book lists
  5. movie lists
  6. documentary list
  7. music lists
  8. podcast lists
  9. writing tips
  10. networking ideas
  11. social media tips
  12. vacation ideas
  13. packing tips
  14. travel tips
  15. city boards (vacation or moving to a new city)
  16. checklists of any kind
  17. moving tips
  18. survival information
  19. camping tips
  20. gift ideas
  21. wish lists
  22. photography tips
  23. organization ideas or projects
  24. cleaning tips
  25. home remodeling ideas
  26. home decor inspiration
  27. health information
  28. quotations or words of wisdom
  29. crafts of any kind
  30. DIY project ideas
  31. wreath ideas
  32. fashion tips
  33. clothing to buy
  34. outfit ideas
  35. beauty solutions
  36. useful apps
  37. gadgets to get
  38. infographics for reference
  39. graphic design ideas
  40. interesting articles
  41. product reviews
  42. local restaurants
  43. bucket list
  44. holiday ideas
  45. costumes list
  46. personality tests
  47. money management ideas
  48. investment tips
  49. fitness routines
  50. life hacks
  51. things to save money for
  52. activities for kids
  53. information on causes you support
  54. color palettes
  55. scrapbooking ideas
  56. etiquette tips
  57. flower arranging ideas
  58. ideas for care packages
  59. ideas for going green
  60. gardening tips
  61. Girl Scout or Cub Scout ideas
  62. service project ideas
  63. Ikea hacks
  64. self-publishing tips
  65. resource list for free ______
  66. TED Talks that inspire
  67. favorite Etsy shops
  68. party planning ideas
  69. resolutions list
  70. homework help resources
  71. lunch box ideas
  72. notetaking tips
  73. career inspiration
  74. anti-bullying ideas
  75. information on historical time periods
  76. hair style ideas
  77. parenting tips
  78. email tips
  79. mobile office ideas
  80. cloud storage information
  81. time management tips
  82. tips for decluttering
  83. resume writing tips
  84. board games to try
  85. work-life balance tips
  86. public speaking tips
  87. genealogy resources
  88. cake decorating ideas
  89. emergency preparedness tips
  90. favorite wines, beers, or cocktails
  91. Lego storage ideas
  92. Lego inspiration
  93. writing prompts
  94. recycling or upcycling ideas
  95. hikes to take
  96. charities or non-profits to support
  97. ideas for your classroom
  98. virtual field trip ideas
  99. random acts of kindness ideas
  100. interviewing tips

And that's just to get you started. I hear you can find some great wedding planning ideas on Pinterest too, but they may be just a rumor 

I am truly grateful that my sister introduced me to Pinterest several years ago. I had been lugging around inspiration binders that kept expanding over the years. It was such a chore trying to keep all of my various clippings organized. With Pinterest I now have versatile inspiration boards that I love and refer back to often!

How do you make good use of Pinterest?

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