How to Use Amazon's Wishlist to Save Money

How to Use Amazon's Wishlist to Save Money ~ Make tracking prices easier ~

Living in San Francisco with no car means I shop at Amazon now more than ever. 

Bundles of paper towels and toilet paper on BART or Muni? I don't think so.

With a few easy clicks, those bulky items are delivered to my door. Amazon Prime may not be a necessity, but it definitely makes life easier at a reasonable price.

And keeping track of product prices on Amazon is simple with their Wishlist feature.

As much as I love the convenience of delivery, I'm not willing to pay more for the base price of most products. I like a good deal, so I comparison shop a lot, including within Amazon. 

I created a private Wishlist called Household Supplies. I set this list as my Default List as well to make it easier to add items as I'm browsing on Amazon. 

Here I keep track of all the products I buy from Amazon with any regularity. I also keep track of items that I may want to purchase in the future, especially if the price goes down.

Every item gets a comment, which is really a note to myself, and The Key to saving money with this Wishlist strategy!

Check out this screenshot below. Amazon provides some great information, including when I added these two items to my Wishlist. They even point out that the prices for these two items have dropped.

How to Use Amazon's Wishlist to Save Money ~ Make tracking prices easier ~

Hey, thanks Amazon. I know you have my best shopping interest at heart.

Yeah, right. 

My comment on the St. Ive's Apricot Scrub reminds me to check the price on this item in Prime Pantry because at the time I made the comment the Pantry option saved me money. 

Sure Prime Pantry has a flat $5.99 delivery fee, but when I think of how happy I will be not lugging toilet bowl cleaner, paper towels, trash can liners and the like onto public transportation, I happily fork over that $5.99 for delivery convenience. And I make sure that I fill my Prime Pantry box...every time.

Notice in the screenshot below how the Gevalia K-Cups went up in price, but Amazon doesn't point that out. I know the prices went up because I added the price that attracted me to this product in the comments.

For the trash can liners, I actually forgot to stipulate the price for these 40 liners. However, I did include enough detail that I could easily figure out the new price per bag to determine which option was cheaper. Or if I should check another retailer for these bags.


How to Use Amazon's Wishlist to Save Money ~ Make tracking prices easier ~

If you're like me and you like to save money on those items that you buy all the time, then using Amazon's Wishlist comment feature as a price tracker is an easy and effective strategy. You determine the amount of detail in each comment.

For instance, recently, I've started adding comments on Amazon comparing their prices to Target online.

When Target offered free shipping back in December, I ran through my list of regularly purchased personal items like toothpaste, deodorant, saline solution, and the like. Target's online prices usually beat Amazon's on these personal hygiene products, and with free shipping thrown in, I stocked up. Since that December stock piling, I have yet to step foot in a Target in 2015. And that's an Epic Win for my wallet!

As a minimalist, I love that I can avoid the temptations of consumerism by shopping online for the items that I know My Person and I will use. Stocking up may seem counter-intuitive to the idea of owning less, but when I see a great price, I buy. Since we have less stuff, my cabinets are not full of appliances I don't use. My closet has plenty of space on the top shelves. I just tuck my cache away and smile knowing that I saved time and money by purchasing when I saw a deal.

And I do find comfort in knowing that I'm even more prepared for the zombie apocalypse!

Do you use Amazon's Wishlist feature to make shopping easier or more efficient? Please share your strategies. I'd love to hear them.

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