Adjusting Evernote's Context Sources

Adjusting Evernote's Context Sources

Adjusting Evernote's Context Sources ~ Or how to get rid of those irritating articles Evernote keeps suggesting to you ~

One of the Evernote features that rolled out last fall for Premium and Business accounts was Context. If you're using the free version of Evernote, then you won't be bothered by these suggestions for notes, articles, and people. 

Basically, as you type notes in Evernote, the Context AI suggests articles from partnered organizations like The Wall Street Journal or Lifehacker. They've partnered with several news sources and LinkedIn, and Evernote promises that they'll keep adding more Context Sources. These suggestions appear in Evernote's footer.

While Evernote's stated purpose here is to help me find even more content relevant to my projects, I find this sharing to be TMI.

Context is like the co-worker who won't shut up about their irritable bowel syndrome, and delights in regaling you with tales of how their IBS affected their weekend getaway trip. And now that you've heard these horrific details and politely nodded in shocked sympathy, the co-worker feels free to keep you updated on their IBS treatment. You can't run away from this person fast enough!

Context just smells foul to me. I already have my sources of information, which I trust. I don't need Evernote junking up how my information is displayed in an application that I am paying to use. Context isn't sharing; it's over-sharing. And if you agree, then here's how to adjust those Context Sources.

If you merely want to adjust which sources you see, then you have two choices here.

  • Go to the web-based version of Evernote and sign in.
  • In the top right corner, you'll see the email address with which you registered the account.
  • Click on the drop-down arrow and go to Account Settings.
  • On the left sidebar, click on Context Sources.
  • You will see the list of articles, and people & companies that Evernote has partnered with.
  • Uncheck the boxes for the sources you'd prefer to silence.


  • Go to your desktop version of Evernote.
  • Go to Preferences.
  • Click on the tab for Context.
  • Click the bar that says Manage Context Sources...
  • You'll be re-directed to the web-based version of Evernote and the Context Sources selection page.
  • Uncheck the boxes you wish.

If you find this feature as irritating as I do and wish to silence it forever, then go to your desktop version of Evernote.

  • Go to Preferences.
  • Click on the tab for Context.
  • Uncheck all of the boxes.
  • Note: You may have to turn Context on by clicking Show Context. That step will allow you to uncheck all of the boxes for Notes, Articles, and People. Then uncheck the box for Show Context again to turn it off for good.

Generally speaking, I adore Evernote. It may be the app I access the most every day. Context just feels entirely too intrusive to me. I'm curious, though. Does anyone find Context helpful? How so? Did the AI find a perfect article that you were not previously aware of and suggest it to you?

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