Integrating CamelCamelCamel into My Amazon Wishlist Strategy to Save Money

Integrating CamelCamelCamel into My Amazon Wishlist Strategy to Save Money

Integrating CamelCamelCamel into My Amazon Wishlist Strategy to Save Money ~

A couple of months ago I shared my ideas on How to Use Amazon's Wishlist to Save Money. One of my friends and I were recently discussing this strategy and she said, "You've heard of CamelCamelCamel, right?"


No, I have not.

While the name is unfortunate, the site is amazing!

Basically, you copy in the URLs for Amazon products and CamelCamelCamel gives you the item's price history on Amazon. It will highlight the date of the lowest price and the highest price. Plus the line graph lets you see trends dating back several years, and below that graph is a list of the last five price changes for that item.

I was speechless. This was the data I wanted. I had been using the comments section to track my pricing data, but this website tracks data on millions of Amazon products!

If you want to set up a price watch alert, you enter in the dollar amount you'd like to pay for the product, and you'll be notified when either Amazon or a 3rd party sells that product at or below your desired price.

You can also check out good deals. For instance, I navigated to the Popular Products area and filtered my search results by clicking on Deals Only. Then I chose to look at the deals for the past three months.

Right at the top of my search were the stainless steel wipes that My Person loves to use to clean a few appliances. For these wipes, the price seems to hover around $7, but within the last three months, twice they've dropped to $3.62. I grabbed a few for stocking up.

CamelCamelCamel could be quite useful if used strategically.

If I'm looking at purchasing something more expensive, then checking the item's price history and setting up a price watch alert makes sense. I'm patient. I can wait for the price to drop to my liking.

If I'm looking to stockpile items, like toilet paper or paper towels, then viewing the price history gives me an idea of how low that price may drop. I can set up an alert, wait, and pounce on a deal. I have room at the top of my closet to store a year's worth of paper goods.

Using CamelCamelCamel will give me much more data on prices than my old tracking system, but I'll still be using the comments option in my Amazon Wishlist. 

I like breaking down prices by the unit of measure. Plus I use Prime and PrimePantry, so I like writing notes to compare those options. I also use a variety of third-party vendors and I keep notes on how reliable they are. And sometimes I just have notes on which scent or size I prefer. And I much prefer to track all of this data in my Wishlist than on an actual list.

But hearing about CamelCamelCamel opened up a new world of potential savings on Amazon!

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