J is for Jewelry

J is for Jewelry

I never really looked at how much jewelry I had until I started donating and selling excess stuff.

Since jewelry doesn't take up as much room as books, gadgets, clothes, and so many other possessions, I didn't think about how much jewelry I had accumulated.

Turns out, I had quite a bit, including various cleaning kits.

At one point, I actually had a jewelry case that was a piece of furniture. It was a nice piece of furniture with multiple drawers for rings, earrings, bracelets, and two side doors for necklaces of all lengths.

That piece of furniture was damaged in a move, so my jewelry went back into various boxes and organizers in multiple locations.

I hardly ever wore much of the jewelry because I didn't know where it was or I knew I would have to untangle necklaces. I don't think anyone likes that job first thing in the morning when you're trying to get off to work.

When I started down my minimalism journey, I did take time to assess my jewelry.

  • I had a few gold necklaces that I never wore. I'm not a fan of gold jewelry, but my parents, who liked to give the occasional jewelry gift when I was in my 20s and 30s,  didn't get that memo. Sold.
  • I had some silver jewelry that was tarnished to the point of damage. Since I wasn't sentimentally attached to any of those pieces, I gave the pieces to a friend who was planning on selling them as scrap.
  • The sentimental jewelry like my high school class ring, charm bracelet, and a few pins from childhood went in a separate pile. I had some small boxes to protect and store these pieces.
  • Any damaged costume jewelry or single earrings missing their partner got donated to the art teacher. Yay for still life drawing!
  • Then I made a pile of the remaining silver jewelry. Did I like the piece? Would I wear it again? Could I wear the piece with multiple outfits?
  • I asked the same questions of my costume jewelry. I gave away quite a bit of costume jewelry because I didn't have clothes that would coordinate with some of the colors.

I pared down my collection quite a lot, so I decided to solve the jewelry problem that interfered with me wearing these pieces: storage.

I decided upon a hanging jewelry organizer with various compartments. I bought mine on sale at T.J. Maxx. Amazon has quite the collection as well.

Mine has zippered clear compartments of various sizes on one side. In one of the larger compartments, I can store the one cleaning kit I kept. In the other larger compartment, I keep the few small boxes of the sentimental jewelry I don't wear.

The zippered side also comes in handy when I move. I store all of the jewelry on that side. While necklaces will get a bit tangled, nothing spills out and gets lost.

On the flip side, the organizer has open compartments for easy access to earrings and rings. There are also two rows of loops for organizing necklaces.

Hanging jewelry organizers come in various sizes with different features. Once you see what jewelry you have, you can determine how many compartments you need versus necklace loops.

All of my remaining jewelry is easy for me to see and access.

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