Q is for Quality Cocooning Time

Q is for Quality Cocooning Time

As an introvert, one of my core competencies is cocooning!

If I could stay home and nest all the time, I would not hesitate. And I do not exaggerate this point.

During 2016's Spring Break, a time before we had our puppy, I didn't leave our condo except to go grocery shopping. On the last Sunday of Spring Break, My Person looked at me, and asked, "Have you even been out since we went grocery shopping last Saturday?"

Nope. No, I hadn't left the nest. I did spend some time on our balcony, but I consider that piece of the outside an extension of our condo. I can hear if any neighbors are coming up the path well ahead of them seeing me, so I can dart back inside and completely avoid any conversation.

Creating quality cocooning time doesn't happen by accident, though. You must plan and perfect your routines.

Determine the purpose of your cocoon time.

  • Are you trying to hide away because you want to accomplish something? A project or goal?
  • Do you just want nesting time to rejuvenate?
  • Or are you trying to do a little of both?

Figure out what you need to do before cocoon time begins.

  • Do you want to get most of your housecleaning or chores out if the way, so you can focus on your project or on relaxing? Or would you be okay with leaving some chores to do as part of your isolation?
  • Do you have any errands that must be done? Think about anything tied to a due date or expected delivery/pick up. Library material, dry cleaning, package returns, prescription pick ups, auto maintenance, hair cuts. Either get the errands done before you settle in, or schedule those tasks around your cocoon time.
  • If you have children, how will they participate in the cocooning? Will you find family activities that everyone does to nest together? Or will you divide up your expectations for cocoon time with family versus time with spouse versus time alone?

Assess your supplies.

  • Create a specific grocery shopping list that goes a little above what you would normally purchase. Maybe an extra treat or two. Maybe an extra gallon of milk. If there are any products that you normally run out of, be sure to stock up. You don't want to break the seal on your bubble.
  • If you are planning on projecting, think ahead about what supplies you will need to finish the task. Make sure you have everything you need. I like to create my project table or counter with all of my supplies laid out, so I know I'm ready to begin.

Create a to do list.

  • Whenever I have breaks during the school year, I create a special to do list for that break. I move tasks onto that list and prioritize the order of my work. Even if my cocooning, though, is just a weekend, I'll still tailor my to do list for whatever my purpose is for those two days.
  • If I'm cocooning just to relax, I'll make a list of books I want to read, movies or programs I want to watch, and any other activities I want to try. Sometimes these other activities involve things I've seen on Pinterest.

Set yourself up for success.

  • Create a comfortable environment either to get work done in or to fully relax. I haven't read any of the trending hygge books yet, but based on reviews I've seen, the Danish people know how to cocoon.
  • Build in little rewards for the tasks you complete. Even when I'm reading to relax, I'll give myself little rewards for finishing a book. I try to avoid food rewards, but I love trying out new bath products or a new lip balm. My number one reward, though, for finishing a book, is usually either buying a new book or putting a new book on hold at the library.

Once you've adequately prepared for your quality cocoon time, you just jump in and enjoy.

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