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Book Review: Moose by Max de Radigues

I saw this graphic novel show up in the home feed for one of my friends on Goodreads. She interacts with a fantastic variety of readers, and consistently reads interesting things. Her summary mentioned the story line was about bullying, but it was her allusion to an ending that left her with a dilemma she could not resolve that piqued my interest.

I read this graphic novel in one sitting. The story is as sombre as the illustrations drawn entirely in black and white.

Book Review: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

I wanted this reading experience to be a solid five stars. I had such high hopes. After all, Red Queen did win the 2015 Goodreads Choice Award for Debut Goodreads Author and was nominated in the Young Adult Fantasy and Science Fiction category as well.

The story centers around Mare Barrow, a member of the servant class with red blood. Her prospects in this world ruled by those with silver blood and mystical X-Men powers are grim. As a Red, Mare has developed no expertise in a trade, so she is conscripted into the royal Silver's military. Her country of Norta has been engaged in an ongoing war with neighboring countries for generations. Conscription is a death sentence.

Of course, through a chance encounter, Mare is spared conscription. Instead, she finds herself in the royal Silver court discovering that she possesses special mystical powers herself. She's whisked away to hide the fact that she's a Red and the political intrigue begins.