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Seven More Strategies for Achieving Even Better Digital Organization with Evernote

When I first started using Evernote a few years ago, I immediately saw how it was a great option for collecting those thoughts that occur at random times. No paper? No problem? Grab my iPhone instead and capture that idea.

When I discovered note linking in Evernote, I was even more thrilled. The ability for me to create one table of contents for all the notes that I want to reference quickly appealed to me. And I use that table of contents frequently!

As I used Evernote more and more, I found myself figuring out new ways to make this app even more helpful on my mission to go paperless.

I continue to use nested notebooks to give a filing cabinet feel to the overall structure of my digital organization, but I've added several more notes and notebooks since my first digital organization post: Streamlining My Life with Evernote.

One Calendar to Rule Them All! How I Use iCal to Coordinate Multiple Schedules

After just over a year of trying various systems, My Person and I have a shared iCal system that makes scheduling our lives, jointly and separately, much easier and more efficient.

Why iCal?

We are Apple people. He's the original Mac enthusiast, but I converted a few years ago. I love how seamlessly Apple products sync. As a digital immigrant, I can learn new software and new apps by trial and error and get the gist of the program. But I'm no techie, especially when it comes to hardware. I know that Apple products will play nicely with each other. And I'm willing to pay more for that convenience.