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Book Review: Your Favorite Seuss compiled by Janet Schulman and Cathy Goldsmith

I didn’t read Dr. Seuss as a kid. At least I have no memory of reading his work. And I loved reading. And our home was full of books. I just don’t remember any Seuss.

Sometimes I wonder if my parents didn’t like Seuss. The more likely scenario, though, is that the mail order books that lined our shelves didn’t include Seuss as an option. We had a lot of National Geographic selections, though!

I remember when my brother graduated from high school, the valedictorian read parts of Oh, The Places You’ll Go. At first, I thought the young man had written the words and I was thinking, “Wow! This valedictorian is impressive.”

Then he explained the Seuss reference and I was blown away. Published on Ted Geisel’s birthday in 1990, this magically motivating story was the last one he wrote. What a profound swan song.

Book Review: The Natural Superiority of the Left-Hander by James T. deKay

If you know a left-handed person who’s feeling out-of-place for being a southpaw, then this illustrated book of quirky facts about left-handers may be just the book to cheer them up.

I spotted this gem in my friend Andrea’s classroom. Many people, myself included, are guilty of giving Andrea a hard time about the amount of stuff that she collects. Generally, teachers hoard everything from handouts to books to sentimental cards to anything we think might be useful for any future project for any subject. We’re cool with sharing, so we gather across any curriculum. When I spotted this book, I was immediately drawn to it...probably because I’m a lefty who enjoys my own delusions of grandeur. I picked it up and Andrea said, “That was one of my dad’s favorites!”